Fetal Monitor ” iCTG”


We are looking for KOL to work with us on pilot studies using iCTG. 
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The Future of Perinatal e-Health

Anytime, Anywhere

Small and Smart Mobile Fetal Monitor

Itʼs a small and smart Mobile Fetal Monitor that comprises of two transducers.

You can monitor the health condition of an expectant mother and her fetus at any time, from anywhere.

6 “S” will help ease busy medical scenes.

Small, lightweight, wireless= reduces stress of an expectant mother

Transducers only have a weight of an average smartphone. It is completely cable-free, so expectant mothers can walk freely when the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. (please carry with you a display tablet)

Achieves paperless work with tablet display

A tablet device will be used for controlling measurement and displaying CTG graph. IPad, Windows 10 device, and Android device can be used depending on a hospital system. Tablet screen can be scrolled to see a full view of a graph, assisting doctor’s quick decision making.

Easy to find a fetal heart rate

Heart shaped fetal heart monitor will emit heart beat sound, enabling users to locate fetal heart location naturally.
It has a built-in speaker in the transducer, so it can also be used as a fetal doppler. Thus, the process of fetal monitoring can be streamlined.

Up to 10 hour use with one full charging

1 hour battery charging will allow up to 10 hours* of continuous measuring. You can use it for long time without a hassle to charge. (*When the sound is turned off. Check the battery level before use.)

Sends Data to your smartphone

After measurement is done, results can be sent to devices like doctor’s smartphone and tablet, as well as to PC in the doctor’s office or staff room through internet / Wi-Fi. Data can be checked by opening internet browser.
Doctors can utilize their available time effectively. Real-time monitoring is possible with Central i (central monitoring, optional) and real-time cloud.

Measured data is stored in a data server

Data will be securely saved in a data server (either in-hospital or cloud), providing safe place for medical data. Our cloud server will guarantee 10 years of data storage. You don’t have to think about managing data recording sheets anymore. In case you need to print out, use data viewing PC to print out desired section of a graph and attach it to medical record.

Medical Device Certification Number in Japan-230AFBZX00024000 (1.20KB)

Managed medical device (class II)

Specified maintenance management medical equipment