About us

About us

Company Name Melody International Ltd.
President & CEO Yhuko Ogata
Address Next Kagawa 304, 2217-44 Hayashi, Takamatsu City Kagawa 761-0301, JAPAN

Board Member

Our board consists of a management team with rich experiences. Furthermore, our two advisors, Prof. Kazuhiro Hara (then Tokyo University Medical Hospital, currently Specially Appointed Professor of Kagawa University’s Seto Inland Sea Regional Research Center) and Prof. Yasuhito Takeuchi (then Yokogawa Hewlett Packard, currently a Visiting Professor of Kagawa University’s Seto Inland Sea Regional Research Center) are inventors of cardiotocomonitor’s basic principles back in 1970s. We aim to commercialize innovative idea that originates from the academia.


Founder & CEO

This is Yhuko’s second time to start up a business. In her first attempt, she successfully commercialized Japan’s first EMR for Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and as a result she was awarded a Prize of Smaller Enterprise Agency’s Director in Japan Venture Awards 2009. Using her experience in working with digital network and medical ICT since its dawn, she now aims to establish and commercialize perinatal telemedicine platform for expectant mother’s safe and secure deliveries around the world.


Co-Founder & CIO

A graduate of Hosei University Department of Philosophy, Keiji worked as a sales representative for family owned printing business, but it went out of business right after he joined management team. As a manager, his first task was to hold creditors meeting, take care of debts, and to transfer employee and facilities to another capital. Becoming aware of the importance of management skills, he obtained MBA from Kagawa University. Using his experience as an ISO9001 quality control manager, he now manages quality check of Melody International’s medical device.

Hironari KOHNO


Hironari started his career as a system engineer and supported a mail ordering company’s initial public offering. He joined Mitla Ltd. as an engineer, and later got assigned to marketing planning department where he became a top sales representative, ultimately becoming in charge of telemedicine business section. He took his present position from January, 2016. He has a high reputation for his sincere and trustworthy sales and a smooth feedback to system development using his experience as a medical system engineer. During his days off, he would tour around Shikoku Island using his road bike, a hobby taught from a doctor in South Africa.ku, etc.



After working for Yamaichi Securities and working as CFO of a listed company, he established a management consulting company. He specializes in listing preparation, capital policy, fundraising, and has been the Director and CFO of Melody International Ltd. since April 2020.



At Yamaichi International Europe in London, Ikkei was in charge of corporate finance in Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe. He later established Japan’s first regional and independent VC. In May, 2011 he established SARR LLC. He obtained MBA from INSEAD in France, and Ph.D in genetic medicine from Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine. He supported many medical start-up companies as an accelerator. He held many public posts for Technology and Science Council of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology’s