How can we get maternal mortality down?

How can we get maternal mortality down?

According to “State of the World’s Children 2021” from Unicef, the maternal mortality rate in Viet Nam in 2017 was 43.

On the other hand, In Japan, its rate was 5. There is a huge gap between these two countries.

Why is maternal mortality rate in Japan is low compared to Viet Nam?

In Japan, we mainly use CTG(Cardio Toco Gram)not at prenatal checkups.

CTG can record fetal heart rate and uterine contractions of pregnant woman. 

Benefits of using the CTG are as follows.

  • By waveforms, Doctors can detect fetal abnormalities and uterine contractions at an early stage and take appropriate action.
  • In case of impending preterm birth or fetal stunting, monitoring can provide information of fetus’ conditions.
  • Pregnant woman can be reassured by hearing the fetus’ heartbeat.

These ensure a safe birth for both doctors and pregnant woman.

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