Telemedicine with iCTG is in the Spotlight

Telemedicine with iCTG is in the Spotlight

Details about the telemedicine system of Hokkaido University Hospital were featured on TV.

The Obstetrics/Maternity and Perinatal Care Center at Hokkaido University Hospital has started telemedicine due to COVID-19 outbreak.

They have made elaborate preparations for telemedicine.

Although there are many obstacles to operation of telemedicine, the benefits outweigh the risks in this case of emergency.

Our iCTG will produce the simple method.

Expecting mother receive the medical devices at home.

Measure the fetal heartbeat and the mother’s uterine contractions by herself.

The data is transmitted via internet to attending physician’ smartphone, tablet and/or PC, and can be simply checked on any internet browser.

(Obstetrician) How are you feeling today?

(Expecting mother) I’m fine.

(O) How about contractions?

(E) I think it’s OK.

(O) Your baby also looks energetic.

(E) It’s great.

(O) This zig zag line of heart rate means baby is very well!

(E) I was relieved.

It becomes possible to decrease the number of times of regular attendance to Hospital.

We are honored that our iCTG can be a measure to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus infection.